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How does it work?

We make outdoor apparel and "pet items" that kill ticks and mosquitoes!

Insect Stop® technology converts apparel into longlasting and effective insect protection

...or for your pet: While your dog is asleep on/in our blankets/baskets, the ticks will simply die.  

The primary function of our products is to protect the fabric itself against insects. The secondary task is to kill the bugs already on you and your pet.
The active substance is harmless to humans and animals but deadly to insects.
When this active substance is added to the dog blanket it does not leach out.

Longevity: The effect of INSECT STOP will last up to 25 washes.

We use permethrin, a man-made version of a natural repellent found in certain types of chrysanthemum flowers.
The flower produces this chemical to keep insects at way, and so do we – now!
If the tick or mosquito is in contact with the item more than 10 minutes it will die.
Permethrine is a safe and easy way to keep bugs away from your pet and it’s tested and used in more than 2000 different products in the
EU and the US.


When insects come into contact with our products they will die.


The ’ Insect STOP®’ technology adds a secondary remedy against bugs to textiles already efficient and handy, e. g. blankets and dog baskets.

We follow applicable rules within the EU, see ECHA (category 18), and The Danish Ministry of Environment.