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Here’s what our customers say:

“We had big problems with our dog getting ticks.  We dared not to use the ordinary tick medications or pills against ticks, as our dog took ill when we applied them.
Then we bought a blanket here on the website, and ever since our dog hasn’t had a single tick.

Best regards Lotte from Denmark.

P.S: The fleas also died!”

“Every morning the fleas lie at the bottom of the basket – dead!

Regards Ingolf D. from Sweden”.

 “Finally something that works!

Richard from Germany”

”We bought three blankets for our dogs, but now we use them for our children when they play in the garden. They keep mosquitoes as well as fleas away.

Stevie from Los Angeles USA”.

 “This product has saved our summer, thanks a lot!

Best regards R. Heankein from Holland”.

 “We did not believe it, but all our dogs (we have 10) each have a blanket of their own - and it just works!!.

Louise from Berlin”.